Welcome to Rosehill Gardens

100 years of professional landscaping!

When choosing a landscape company in Kansas City, you have a wide selection of options. However, selecting a company that has been in business for 100 years is going to expand on the creativity within your landscape in ways that you never imagined.  What can a landscaping company in business for 100 years offer you? Take a look.

  • Integrity & Quality!  We are 100 years old!  Honesty, personalized attention and the passion to deliver the highest level of quality to our customers is what has helped keep us in business for 100 years – something no other company can match.
  • Locally grown & best in quality!  Rosehill provides you with the highest quality plants!  Not only are we locally owned but we also grow 90% of our plants right here.  What does that mean for you, the customer?  It means your plants are already acclimated to the soil and climate here in the Kansas City area.  They were not carelessly sprayed, strapped down and shipped across the nation.  Just because you buy your plants locally does not mean that they were grown locally and there “is” a difference.
  • An experienced staff who takes pride in their integrity!  We love our staff at Rosehill and so will you! We are proud to have the most experienced and educated staff in our entire industry. When they say “this is important!”, you can trust that they have your best interests at heart. People are what really make the difference. At Rosehill, our staff knows how incredibly important it is to place the right plants in the just the right places where they will thrive and enhance the landscape rather than detracting from it.
  • Rosehill does it all!  We are a full service professional landscape company! We take great pride in the amount of effort we place into customer satisfaction. When we say full service, that means you can trust that we are handling all of the tasks in your yard ourselves.  You want a service you can trust, not one that contracts out to cheaper and lower quality companies.  Rosehill can provide you with everything from detailed maintenance programs to unique plant production, and every service in between.  That means we build water features, walls, patios, irrigation, walkways, outdoor kitchens, lighting and anything else you can help us dream up.
  • A personal touch!  Rosehill caters a personal touch to anyone and everyone!  Due to being known for our extreme emphasis on quality, Rosehill is often associated with high-end landscape design, but in truth we offer highly competitive landscape solutions that are suited for everyone and for any size project.  For those who love to do it themselves we even have our garden center.
  • We stand behind our projects!  Our company was built on growing relationships!  You’re landscape is a living, breathing, ongoing project. We’re not going to simply leave you high and dry once the build is complete.  At Rosehill, we build a relationship with you and your landscape and continue to provide you with quality service long after the initial plantings.  Not only do we give the best 2 year guarantee offered, you can trust that we will be around to honor it. Other landscape companies come and go but after 100 years you can rest assured we will be here to stand by our product.