How to Water Plants While You’re Away for the Holidays

Your holiday plans might include leaving the area, but be sure to include planning care for your indoor and outdoor plants while you’re away.

How to Water Plants While You're Away for the Holidays

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You might be able to find a trusted neighbor or friend to keep your indoor plants healthy while you are gone, but don’t forget about watering outdoor plants in Kansas City.

Many outdoor plants are easy to forget about because they seem to be entirely self-sufficient, but your plants still need TLC now and then.

During the winter months, it’s especially important to be attentive to the needs of your outdoor plants due to natural factors, like:

  • The air is drier.
  • The ground is less moist.
  • Lower temperatures can inhibit or prevent proper absorption of nutrients needed by your outdoor flora.

One way to make sure your outdoor plants have the right amount of water is by setting up an automated sprinkler system and connecting a soaker hose.

This setup will water your plants on a schedule, and the soaker hose will ensure thorough saturation and distribution of the water.

You can also save your plastic bottles and empty two-liter containers, and devise an in-ground watering system yourself.  This method will trickle water into the ground over time.

Lastly, create a string watering system that provides the right amount of water to your plants for the duration of your absence.

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Tips to Maintain Your Outdoor Water Feature During the Winter

Winter can be a difficult time for your garden, so here are a few tips, courtesy of our experts at Rosehill Gardens, that will help you with maintenance for water features this season.

Tips to Maintain Your Outdoor Water Feature During the Winter

Source: Rosehill Gardens.

As with most aspects of your garden, the key lies in good, early preparation. You should start preparing your water feature for the winter before the temperature starts to drop below the freezing point.

Where possible, water features should be disassembled and stored in a shed or garage until the weather improves. However, this is not always possible, especially if you have cast stone fountains. In this case, you should begin by draining all of the water from the fountain before the first frost.

Once your water features are drained, remove the pump and clean it thoroughly before you store it for the winter. If needed, clean the remaining structure before it is covered.

For fountains, our experts recommend purchasing suitable covers. These covers are waterproof, so they stop moisture from getting into the stonework over the winter months. Many also come with a drawstring bottom. This addition stops smaller animals from using your water fountain as an unsuitable winter home.

If you cannot find such a cover, you can use blankets or towels to cover the fountain and sit in the tiers. It is imperative that you prevent the water from getting into the structure; frozen water within the structure can cause the fountain to crack and become unstable.

For more information on maintenance for water features, landscaping, and so much more, contact Rosehill Gardens at 816-877-9175 and we’ll be happy to help you find the suitable solution for your home!