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Childrens Summer Gardening Classes

Visit us at Park Place every Wednesday morning in June and July for a summer full of fun gardening classes and story time with The Learning Tree.


Age Recommendation: 4 – 10 yrs.

Cost: $5.00

Date: Every Wednesday in June and July

Time: 10:00 – 11:00 am 

Class size: 16 Children per class

June 3rd – Exploring the Plant Kingdom

What exactly is a plant? What makes a plant different from animals? In this class we will explore the basics of plant structure by making observations of plants, including up-close examinations through a hand lens. Students will record their observations through drawings and/or written descriptions in a small journal, which they can bring home in order to continue their explorations.

June 10th – Miniature Gardens

Student will create a miniature garden with a small fern and various decorative items. We will also discuss how ferns differ from flowering plants.

June 17th – The Plants We Eat

An exploration of the plants we eat. We will discuss a variety of different plant foods and make a planting of a food plant.

June 24th – Tasty Herbs

Many plants are used by people to make their food taste better. In this class we will experience a variety of common herbs. In addition to sampling the herbs, we will make mint tea from fresh mint.

July 1st – Useful Plants

Plant have many uses, other than food. In this class, we create small potpourri “dream” satchels from dried herbs.

July 8th – Plants and Animals

Plants rely upon animals for pollination and seed dispersal. Many animals rely on plants as their only food source. In this class, we will investigate some of the relationships between plants and animals. Students will also make small birdfeeders to take home.

July 15th –  How To Grow New Plants (Plant Propagation)

Seeds are but one manner by which plants reproduce. In this class, students will learn the basics of plant propagation, including raising plants from seed, stem cutting, and leaf cuttings.

July 22nd – Soils and Worms

Worms and other soil organisms are important components of healthy soil. In this class we will learn about soil and the important role that these organisms play. For fun, we will also be creating a “dirt cake” representing the various soil components.

July 29thCreating a Desertscape

Many plants that live in the desert have special adaptations which allow them to survive long periods without rain. In this class, students will plant a small succulent while learning about the characteristics that allow succulents to survive in the desert.

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