Facebook Winterization Special!

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The leaves are changing color, the nights are cool and that can only mean one thing! Winter is just around the corner and now is the time to start thinking about winterizing your Irrigation system!  We want to give you the chance to do it for less this year!

The first 200 people to share and voice their opinion about Winter get their system blown our for only $50!!

Hurry!!  This special won’t last!!

Don’t forget, all you have to do is share the post from Rosehill and tell us how you feel about Winter, and then call us at 816-941-4777 or email sfarris@rosehillgardens.com


Details and Restrictions!

*It must be in the KC metro*

*Must be paid in advance at the time of scheduling

*The deal covers up to 14 zines.  For larger irrigation systems additional charges will apply*

*Only one deal per person*

*warranty information*  Rosehill will cover any freeze damage to irritation systems winterized by us as long as Rosehill is retained to activate the irrigation system in the spring.

*To be scheduled in blocks by neighborhood*

Learn How to Care for Your Trees this Fall

If you have trees, whether in a small balcony space or a large manicured garden, fall plant care is essential to prepare them for the rough winter season.

Learn How to Care for Your Trees this Fall

Source: Rosehill Gardens.

Here are a few simple yet important steps you can take to deal with water loss, leaving you with much healthier trees come the spring.

  • The first step is to stop fertilizing the ground around the tree to minimize new growth. New growth is very susceptible to the weather conditions and can be the cause of leaf scorch and winter burn.
  • Carefully prune the trees and remove any structural faults, deadwood, dying twigs, bark, and any growths attached to the tree trunk and branches, such as sprouts or suckers.
  • If you have young evergreen trees, spraying them with an anti-desiccant will limit the amount of moisture lost through the leaves. You can also spread a thick layer of coarse mulch around the base of the tree to prevent moisture loss through the soil and to provide protection from temperature fluctuations for the roots.
  • Pound two pieces of white-painted wood in front of the south and west side of young, thin-barked trees to avoid sun-scald during the winter.
  • Weather is not the only problem your trees have to deal with; an essential part of fall plant care is ensuring your trees are safe from rabbits and voles, and the easiest way to protect them is placing ¼ inch hardware cloth about two inches from the tree trunks.

For more information on how to properly tend to your garden, check our online plant care guide, and don’t hesitate to contact Rosehill Gardens if you need additional tips on how to efficiently winterize your trees. We’re always available to meet your needs and help you take the best possible care of your garden.