Bee Aware…

BeeThere is a lot of buzz going around about bees these days.  What’s going on with these mysterious and humble  insects that help create flowers and fruit?  Simply  put, they are disappearing in alarming numbers.  Several theories are being shared as to why this is happening in the natural world.  Currently, there is no single cause for their decline, but a combination of several factors.

5 Tips to Garden with Your Kids for National Gardening Month

Green thumbs come in all shapes and sizes, and when it comes to kids, their small thumbs can work wonders in the soil with a little guidance from Mom and Dad. This National Gardening Month, invite your children to plant a memory or two with you as you prepare your garden for spring using the following kid-friendly gardening tips:

  • Start small. Teach your child how to grow plants within containers. Your pint-size planter will love watching her beans, squash, and flowers grow until they’re ready to be planted in the garden.
  • Keep it kid friendly. Raised beds or large containers are easier for children to reach into and dig around in. They can do it standing up, which helps them get into the experience.
  • Get mini-tools for mini-me. They’ll love having shovels, hoes, rakes, and other tools that fit within their tiny hands. Plus, they’re considerably lighter than the grownup versions.
  • Choose plants carefully. Choose vegetables, flowers, and spices that are hearty and tough. Lettuce, sunflowers, peas, and carrots are ideal because they grow quickly and are tough to kill. Watching them grow will bring a smile to your child’s face a lot faster than explaining why plants wither on the vine.
  • Decorate and design your garden so it’s fun and inviting. Allow your kids to provide some suggestions, and while the 40-foot dinosaur and diving waterfall might not fit into your budget, you can still display seed markers, banners, and other crafts that they help design, build, and install.

National Gardening Month is quite a special occasion at Rosehill Gardens. That’s why we encourage you to contact us for more information about the special offers we’re making available to our clients to help their gardens grow.