Landscaping Ideas for Your Side Yard in Kansas City

A large yard is often a desirable feature for a home, and a beautifully landscaped lawn can add to the overall appeal and value of your property. Less functional than a side or back yard, the front yard is part of the overall first impression of a property, and a beautiful home demands a beautiful yard.

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Source: Rosehill Gardens.

Backyards are primarily the functional part of a lawn. This is where family gatherings, pool parties, social events, and weekend barbecues take place.

The side yard is usually neglected when it comes to landscape design, but you can focus on this part of your yard and add to your home’s visual appeal and property value with minimal effort and expense.

Create a functional side yard by installing a vegetable or herb garden or an outdoor lounge area, or add attractive living walls or vertical gardens beside your house.

You can create a dramatic entrance to your backyard with creative landscaping, or add trees, shrubs, and other plants that provide you with stunning views from the side windows of your house.

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Tips for Preparing Your Kansas City Garden for Summer Bulbs

There are no shortage of gardening tips in Kansas City for you to follow as you prepare to get your gardens growing this season.

Here are some of our favorites, and each is something we strongly encourage you follow as you put your spades, seeds, and bulbs in the ground.

  • Start buying bulbs and begin planning your garden out. Make sure to give each bulb plenty of room to grow. If you planted bulbs in the fall, be sure to fertilize them now before the rains begin to fall.
  • Consider planting dahlias, oriental lilies, and callas. Each will give your garden plenty of color and a vibrant appeal throughout the year.
  • Plant your summer bulbs in mid-April, and make sure to plant them two to three times deeper than the bulb’s height. This will eliminate the dangers posed to frosty bulbs in the sometimes chilly spring soil.
  • Make sure your plants have plenty of sun and well-drained soil to grow in.

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