Simple steps to add to your holiday decor.

With the holidays upon us, it is the perfect time of year to find great ways to use IMG_3553the beauty that nature offers us inside and outside. Fresh evergreen wreaths are a quick way to a bountiful centerpiece for Thanksgiving that can quickly transition to Christmas with just a few simple changes. The mix of citrus and apple scents with evergreens are a unique and easy way to put together a simple, but unique centerpiece and accenting with silver Brunia and silver candles adds that extra elegant touch. Metallics are a definite win this year and blending them with natural textures amplifies the festive feel of the decor.

It is easy to get caught up in all the hectic preparations for the holidays, but with a few twigs, some magnolia branches and a nice wreath, you can quickly transform that unsightly pot of dead plants on your front porch to an inviting winter arrangements to greet guests.  Of course, if you can’t get to that, you can always count on our Garden Center or Park Place location to have gorgeous porch pots to transform your entryway!

For a simple wreath centerpiece, select a fresh evergreen wreath that fits your table. Use Wilt Stop to keep the wreath looking fresh through the season. Place the wreath on a plate or tray to protect your furniture. Using wood picks, spear a variety of fruits such as lemons, oranges, apples of all colors, pears, or clusters of grapes leaving a good portion of the pick extending from the fruit. Insert the other end of the pick through the greenery in the wreath and arrange the greens to cover the pick as needed. Set a collection of candles in the center and enjoy. When you are ready to change to a Christmas look, simply exchange the fruit for ornaments and pine cones. Add some ribbon if you like and you are done.

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Create a Bird’s Paradise in Your Backyard Landscape

Backyards can be a haven for a whole range of small wild creatures, and by using residential landscape design that is sympathetic to your surroundings, you can easily create a paradise for visiting birds.

At Rosehill Gardens, we take great pride in our understanding of the Kansas City wildlife that allows our experts to create a mesmerizing surroundings that will bring color and vitality to your yard while looking after the needs of our feathered friends.

It’s during the coldest seasons that birds need the most support from your landscaped backyard. One of the first aspects our experts will look at is how they can use trees and shrubs to create natural layers.

Doing this provides areas at different heights for birds to hide from the weather and to eat with minimal risk of becoming food themselves.

By placing large trees around the edge of your yard or garden, followed by smaller trees and shrubs in the end, we can create a canopy and undergrowth effect.

Food is usually in short supply during the colder months, so an additional way to encourage birds to come into your yard is to plant trees and bushes that produce nuts and seeds.

Once birds know there is a ready supply of food, they are more likely to return to your yard many times. Evergreen trees are ideal for this purpose.

Our experts also recommend adding shrubs and trees that bear fruit during the winter months. Dogwood will provide food for birds while its fabulous colors will add to the winter beauty of your landscape.

How do you provide for the birds over the winter months? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page.

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