Learn the Benefits of Using Drip Irrigation in Your Garden

One of the biggest challenges of landscaping is ensuring that proper levels of irrigation are provided to every inch of the landscape.

Learn the Benefits of Using Drip Irrigation in Your Garden

Source: Rosehill Gardens.

Because of this, the team at Rosehill Gardens takes great care when our clients contact us requesting irrigation system design.

Depending on the landscape, proper irrigation might require a combination of irrigation systems. Among these, drip irrigation is ideal for flower beds, gardens, and other areas where you want to target individual plants without watering the mulch, rocks, and other landscaping materials surrounding it that don’t require water.

Drip irrigation systems deliver water directly to the root system. This cuts down waste, reduces evaporation, and virtually eliminates any runoff that might occur. This makes drip irrigation system design eco-friendly and incredibly cost-efficient.

Another option to consider is to use soaker hoses. Openings cut into the hose at the appropriate places allow water to drip water exactly where you want it. Lengths vary, but these types of systems can be used for short runs or runs up to about 200 feet over flat surfaces. This gives landscapers considerable flexibility regarding installation and positioning.

Soaker hoses are more temporary in nature, and they are less efficient than drip irrigation systems. However, since they require less planning to install, they are easier to set up.

Once in place, they can be adjusted and moved around as the conditions within your landscape change and evolve. Thus, if you are still in the process of finalizing your landscape design, they are an ideal option to consider.

Our experts are available to assist you in planning out the best irrigation system to ensure your residential or commercial landscaping receives just the right amount of water this winter. Contact Rosehill Gardens at 816-877-9175 for more information today.

Everyday Matters Park Design Build Project


Rosehill Gardens will be blogging about an exciting new project we will be working on over an extended period of time.  We will  post pictures and explanations out on this site so everyone can follow the progress of this unique project.

The Every Day Matters Park at Netsmart’s Headquarters is a corporate plaza/park addition that Rosehill has been involved in the evolution for over three years. Through 2 master plans, tens of revisions and hundreds of details, Rosehill is overseeing the project as the Design Team and General Contractor as well as self performing the landscape and irrigation aspects. There are 2 distinct amphitheaters, a large dining space sprawling off the existing café, and one of the city’s largest fire pit attractions being constructed through November, December, and January for this modern, cutting edge technology company. The modern space is to house the company’s many employee functions, seminars, and daily lunches through the several multi-functional spaces.

Rosehill has guided this project throughout all design production phases, through the city approval process, coordination with engineers as well as a multitude of subcontractors for plumbing, electrical, and concrete work and the constraints the winter weather season. Although the project is phased over the next couple of years, the construction of the footings of the amphitheater has caused a lot of excitement of the future. Rosehill is proud to be heading up this design/build corporate project for such an outstanding, leading company.

Below are some pictures of the progress so far.


Amphitheater Wall Installation

Amphitheater Wall Installation